Solving specific problems: Sunday II Sunday on haircare, equity and inclusion in 2022 – USA

Solving specific problems: Sunday II Sunday on haircare, equity and inclusion in 2022 – USA

Let’s talk a little bit about treatment-focused hair and scalp preparations. What do you see happening in that area in 2022?

I definitely think that this continued conversation around the skinification of hairs is going to be huge in 2022. This year we saw some conversations emerging around self-care and wellness and how that extends into your hair. There’s a conversation that’s beginning to happen about how your scalp is also skin. 

In the same way that you have those multi-step regimens for your face and perhaps your body, we’re exploring what that looks like for hair. We know that healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp, so I think there’s going to be a huge focus on how we can nourish and treat the scalp going forward.

Your company is defined as an athleisure haircare brand. Can you tell me a little more about what that means?

Sunday II Sunday​ is all about bridging the gap for the active woman. We know that our target consumers are engaged in activities anywhere from two to six or seven days a week. 

We saw that there was a gap. You have the standard hair care products that you would use to wash and style your hair etc. But after your workouts, you don’t look anything like you did before you started that workout, particularly for textured haired-consumers.

There’s also some science to what happens on the scalp when we sweat during a workout.  Some of our products are really focused on that transition, helping you bounce back from that post-workout, getting you back to the hair that you love, getting rid of any sort of edge, odor, inflammation that are byproducts of the very natural biological function of sweat. 

What value do you see in this kind of haircare brand that’s focused on a consumer with a specific lifestyle?

What’s really fun about the Sunday II Sunday team is that we all fit within that lifestyle. We’re all active women with textured hair. For me, the value in that is that we’re reaching a consumer whose need has been not fully addressed or ignored. 

With textured hair, we know that textured hair tends to be drier than straighter hair based on how the sebum production works and flows from the roots of the hair down the lengths. Because textured haired-consumers are already more predisposed to dry hair, and the impact of sweat actually exacerbates that, we know that she has a need post-workout. 

For example, I have a need post-workout where my hair is sweaty, it’s a bit gross, it’s also itchy, which is a byproduct of that the salt crystals in sweat after your workout. The value for us is helping women that lead active lifestyles not have to make decisions about whether they’re going to work out or not based on their hair, based on their appearance or beauty preferences.

There are scenarios where, you may say “oh, I have a special event to go to on this day and my hair needs to last, so I won’t work out or I’m going to heavily modify my workout because my hair won’t make it to X date.” We …….